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Welcome to Week #4 of our seven-week series on music for peace. In addition to promoting the power of music in peacebuilding, Music for Peace (MfP) strives to create a network of musicians from conflict and post-conflict areas of Africa. We believe that in many contexts, northern Uganda included, musicians’ roles as peacebuilders are often looked, and yet they are key actors in movements for social change. In order to encourage the work of fellow peace-oriented musicians on the continent and to facilitate the sharing of experiences and struggles for learning and growth, MfP promotes building relationships among musicians.

This week, we will discuss the role of music as solidarity. In 2010, MfP organized its first artistic exchange to Free Town, Sierra Leone, where northern Ugandan musicians spent two weeks interacting with our host, Freetong Players International.

While there, the musicians collaborated in the studio, resulting in the first MfP-sponsored song, “One Africa.” You are invited to visit http://www.mfpuganda.org/portfolio/sierra-leone-exchange-2010/ to learn more about MfP’s exchange to Sierra Leone and to listen to “One Africa” (available at http://www.mfpuganda.org/music/). Please consider responding to the following questions before next Friday:

1.       What other initiatives promote exchange among musicians for peace? To what extent have they been successful in building solidarity and promoting peace?
2.       How can musicians overcome funding constraints that prohibit travel, especially in Africa?
3.       What other reflections would you like to share pertaining to this week’s theme on music as solidarity?

Further Reading: MfP’s first website, http://musicforpeace.wordpress.com

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