Jahria Okwera

Jahria Okwera

Jahria Okwera is known for his songs that address social issues faced by those in northern Uganda. He entered the music scene in 2002 and has released many songs on peace and reconciliation in northern Uganda since then.

One of his most popular songs, “Dwog Paco (Come Home),” was the theme song for a popular call-in radio show by the same name that encouraged thousands of rebel fighters to accept amnesty and return home. He has partnered with World Vision, Save the Children, and the Northern Uganda Malaria AIDS and Tuberculosis (NUMAT) program to produce songs to encourage forgiveness, and discourage defilement and the stigmatization of war victims and those living with HIV/AIDS.

Jahria is one of two Ugandan artists who traveled to Sierra Leone in 2010 to participate in MfP’s inaugural artistic and cultural exchange with artists from conflict and post-conflict zones in Africa. With a passion to increase youth participation in the Ugandan Parliament, Jahria also was an independent candidate for a parliamentary seat in the 2011 Ugandan elections.